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Hugo Manuel Proença

Hugo Manuel Proença
Hugo Manuel Proença
PhD student

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Hugo has always been interested in the idea of using past knowledge to make optimal decisions in the future. This road took him to different studies at Técnico Lisboa, starting with a bachelor in Physics Engineering and then to a specialisation in Control Theory, part of the Master in Mechanical Engineering.

His current interests lie in developing predictors based on solid mathematical foundations, specifically from information theory. These should be used to provide robust flight delay predictions as a part of my PhD working on the SAPPAO project, a partnership with IIT Roorkee and GE Aviation. He is supervised by prof. dr. Thomas Bäck and dr. Matthijs van Leeuwen.

Selected recent publications

Proença, HM, Klijn, R, Bäck, T & van Leeuwen, M Identifying flight delay patterns using diverse subgroup discovery. In: Proceedings of the Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI'18), IEEE, 2018.