Explanatory Data Analysis

Useful insights from data

Dr. Matthijs van Leeuwen, group leader
Dr. Matthijs van Leeuwen
Group leader
Assistant professor

The EDA group at LIACS, headed by dr. Matthijs van Leeuwen, develops algorithms and tools that enable domain experts to explain what is in their data by finding interpretable patterns and models.

Whether data analysis is exploratory or predictive, it is more useful if the methods are explainable and the results interpretable: explanatory data analysis. Our main focus is on data exploration, as people are often interested in discovering novel and unexpected patterns, but we also investigate prediction that is both accurate and transparent. More technically, our research builds on the state of the art in information theoretic data mining, statistical pattern mining, and interactive data exploration and analytics.

Apart from fundamental data mining research, we collaborate on multidisciplinary data science projects to demonstrate the impact of our research on society. Examples include the Leiden Data Science Research Programme on scientific data, and the SAPPAO project on airline data.

News and updates

New PhD students

15 October 2018

Daniela Gawehns and Marieke Vinkenoog have joined the EDA group as PhD students. Welcome!


20 September 2018

Sepinoud Azimi is visiting the EDA group for one and a half month. Welcome!

Four theses defended!

19 September 2018

Lincen, Ruben, Stephan, and Valérie have all successfully defended thesis. Congratulations to all!

New group members

11 September 2018

Juliëtte Meeuwsen and Teddy Etoeharnowo have joined the EDA group as MSc students working on their master theses. Welcome!

Start of '18-'19

3 September 2018

Welcome to all new students! The second edition of our Master's course on Information Theoretic Data Mining will start next Thursday.


26 March 2018

Clément Gautrais is visiting the EDA group for one week. Welcome!

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