Explanatory Data Analysis group

What others say

There is no better way to find out how it is to work with someone than to hear it from others who have actually worked with them. This is what others say about working with Matthijs.

It was a great pleasure to share the office with Matthijs for a number of years, where we could have a lot of coffee breaks and useful discussions. [..] Matthijs also trained me how to give presentations, how to critically evaluate the performance of algorithms, how to write research papers and many other skills for data miners. Many thanks for the nights you stayed up late with me and Siegfried to finish papers on time!

Dr. Thanh Le Van. Rank Matrix Factorisation and Its Applications.

It was a pleasure to work with Matthijs. Reflecting on the past few months, I can say that his patience and pro-active feedback dared me to ask more questions and to improve my work. Matthijs can be characterised as a reliable person with eye for detail. He was able to patiently explain situations if not immediately understood. He also helped me to analyse situations from different perspectives. With this, I am grateful that he has taught me how to practically apply the theories I learned during my bachelor program.

Jody Liu, BSc. Data-Driven Estimation of Consultation Time using Regression.

Matthijs was there from Day 0: he supervised my master thesis (which later turned into my first paper). I could always rely on Matthijs to provide an idea, a pointer to relevant literature, a lesson in writing or making slides, time for writing and reading our joint papers, general advice on how to survive a PhD, an enthusiasm boost, and many other things. These four and a half years would have been awfully harder without Matthijs!

Dr. Vladimir Dzyuba. Mine, Interact, Learn, Repeat.

Matthijs is a great supervisor! I really appreciated the combination of letting me managing my master's thesis independently, while providing me with sharp and constructive feedback and direction. He taught me to always keep the scientific goal of my research in mind, but also to place it in a broader perspective. His way of communicating is supportive, clear and friendly, and he always makes time to answer questions or to provide feedback. Therefore, I would like to thank Matthijs for his time and support during my thesis, it was a pleasure to work with you!

Siri van der Meijden, MSc. Explainable AI for Predicting ICU Readmission.

Prof. Van Leeuwen has always been there to comfort and motivate me in my arduous and challenging Ph.D. journey. Although I was miles away from him, in India, he always had time for me. Numerous discussions and weekly Skype meetings with him made me overcome every obstacle I faced during this course. He always went beyond expectations, even when his newborn baby needed all his attention. Whenever required, he even dedicated his personal time to advise me on my thesis. He always encouraged me to take new initiatives and make decisions in my research work. I am blessed to have such a devoted professor who guided me through one phase of my life, and his teachings would always stay with me in every phase.

Dr. Sarang Kapoor. Subjectively Interesting Patterns in Networks.

The first praises go to my supervisor, Matthijs van Leeuwen, whose guidance helped me transverse the sinuous paths of research. You not only inspired me as a researcher, but as a person. I could always count on you, both professionally and personally. You have never pre-emptively judged my choices and I am deeply honoured to have been your student.

Dr. Hugo Manuel Proença. Robust rules for prediction and description.