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Dr. Sarang Kapoor

Dr. Sarang Kapoor
Dr. Sarang Kapoor

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Dr. Sarang Kapoor was a PhD student at IIT Roorkee working on the SAPPAO project. He wrote a dissertation on theory and methods for discovering subjectively interesting graph patterns from multigraphs and dynamic networks. He was supervised by prof.dr. Dhish Saxena at IIT Roorkee and Matthijs at LIACS.

After completing his PhD Sarang became a Senior Data Scientist at Locus.

Selected recent publications

Kapoor, S Subjectively Interesting Patterns in Networks. PhD thesis, IIT Roorkee, 2021.implementation
Kapoor, S, Saxena, DK & van Leeuwen, M Online Summarization of Dynamic Graphs using Subjective Interestingness for Sequential Data. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery vol.35(1), pp 88-126, 2021. (ECML PKDD journal track)implementation
Kapoor, S, Saxena, DK & van Leeuwen, M Discovering Subjectively Interesting Multigraph Patterns. Machine Learning, pp 1-28, Springer